RUMcajZ - Soulful House vol. 2 CD 1

01 Souxsoul feat. Sybille - I'm Warning You [Main Vocal Mix]
02 Terri Walker feat. Mos Def - Guess U Didn't Love Me
03 Roland Clark Resist [Sean McCant Resist Mix]
04 Keith Thompson feat. India - Rhythm of Life [UBP Vocal Mix]
05 Kathy Brown - Never Again [Copyright Vocal]
06 Julie McKnight - Home [Knee Deep Club Mix]
07 Hi-Fi Mike - Stereo's Flava [Jamie Lewis Main Mix]
08 A. Anthem feat. J. Brown & L. Holloway - A Better World [Vocal mix]
09 Groove Junkies pres. Soloman Henderson Inside My Soul [Reprise Mix]
10 UBP pres. Michael Proctor - Love Don't Live [UBP Classic Mix]
11 Masters at Work pres. India To Be in Love